Zongo is Bawumia’s strength; also his greatest threat- NPP Asawase Activist Jalal Seidu explains

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An activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Asawase Constituency, Jalal Seidu has said while Zongo is Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s strength as a politician with ambition, the same Zongo happens to be the greatest threat to his rise.

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In an article copied to MyNewsGh.com, the NPP activist who identifies himself as a Zongo boy advised the Vice President to be cautious of persons he allows to front his agenda within the Zongos as many put their personal greed ahead of the collective good.

“The people who have been entrusted by the vice president, Dr Bawumia, to serve the interests of Zango, have failed him miserably” he wrote.

“They are bunch of greedy, self seeking (sic) and dishonest people who are serving their interests and not that of society.” He added.

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In the run up to the just ended 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, the second lady, Hajia Samira Bawumia met a section of eminent chiefs, imams and opinion leaders in the Asawase constituency at the Islamic education unit conference hall.

She asked a question which brought the whole Hall to tears; Why is Zango turning its back to Dr Bawumia, when he is our own and our best shot to the presidency in 2024?

Hajia Samira in a very disturbed mood wondered why the people of Ashanti seem to be the most excited and at the forefront of Dr Bawumia’s success when the people of Zango should be leading this agenda.

The Ashanti regional boss of the national service secretariat (nss), Mr Opoku Mensah, who is also a member of the communications committee of the NPP in Ashanti region asked the same question in a radio discussion.

“Why did the North which is far away from here (Ashanti region) vote massively for the NPP because of Dr Bawumia but our own Zango brothers who are close to us keep on rejecting us? He quizzed angrily in Twi.

Hon Kennedy Adjapong, MP for Assin Central took the matter a notch higher when he asked for the scrapping of the Zango ministry. He described the people of Zango as ingrates.

Why does the Zango keep on rejecting the NPP?

Many have argued that the history of the party with the people of Zango is the number 1 cause of the rejection of the party in the community. They argue that the alien compliance order of 1969 which saw the deportation of several business men of Zango back to Nigeria by Kofi Abrefa Busia is the leading cause of this struggle.

This view is held mostly by the aged in the community who are now in the minority. Asawase Zango for instance, has a youthful population who are not interested in this kind of politics.

Some too are of the view that the NDC seem to do better for Zango than the NPP. This assertion has been shot down by the recent performance of the NPP in Zango. The creation of the Zango and inner city development ministry is the biggest political statement ever made by a government for the people of Zango.

The appointment of Zango people in strategic positions in government by the Akufo-Addo- Bawumia administration is one of the best if not best in history.

What then is the answer to this juggernaut puzzle?

The answer to this puzzle is simple; the people who have been entrusted by the vice president, Dr Bawumia, to serve the interests of Zango, have failed him miserably

They are bunch of greedy, self seeking and dishonest people who are serving their interests and not that of society.

As I pointed out earlier, the population of Zango is mostly youthful. The youth are yearning for change from the NDC and they are ready to embrace the NPP. But the question is/should be, has the leadership of NPP Zango given them a better alternative?

The answer to this question can be found in the kind of leadership NPP gave Asawase. The resources meant for the greater good of the people were stolen by few individuals.

The office of the Vice President should summon every single appointee from Zango from 2017 to date and ask them to account for their stewardship. Right from the Zango minister to the messenger in the constituencies within Zango should account for his term in Office.

I have been part of the struggle to the ascension of office of some appointees in this government but they abandoned us after getting their share of the national cake.

Today, I am unable to project the government as I used to do because a simple question of what have you gotten from the struggle deflates my ego

This is me, a graduate and an active member of the party who has been neglected by the very people who have been rewarded from our sweat by the Vice president, Dr Bawumia. What do you think of the other people who are yet to get a certificate?

The leadership is seriously engaging in a lavish lifestyle, building themselves and their families to the detriment of party faithfuls.

Do you honestly think this will earn Dr Bawumia the love Hajia Samira wants us show him? It will sadden you to know that the youth of Zango are very enterprising people who need a little opportunity to blossom but the people with the opportunities have turned a blind eyes to them.

*What should be done to change the narrative?*

I feel sad when I hear the very people who are causing this menace say that Zango is out of reach of NPP. I will pardon those who are not in Zango because they are mostly fed with falsehoods by people who are the culprits of this problem.

You don’t need to do more than John Peter Amewu did in Hohoe or what the people who won seats in Savannah, North East and Northern regions did.

The right people with the right resources will turn Zango blue within a few years.

The struggle for appointments has started intensely even before swearing in. Dr Bawumia should strictly scrutinise the people who will be appointed from Zango.

2024 is full of prospects but also full of uncertainties. The people who will be given appointments from Zango will determine the success or otherwise of this noble project.

We the youth of Zango shall go any length to make sure this dream materialises. We are committed to this course more than you can imagine.

I can assure you that, any person who we think will be a hindrance to this course shall be fiercely resisted. We have started mobilising ourselves in the community. We will stage demonstrations, hold media interactions and use every legitimate means to make sure all greedy and self seeking people will not be appointed in this government.

We have marked them down and you will hear from us when appointments are released.

We shall chase the greedy baldheads out of town.

The writer is an active member of the New Patriotic Party and a self appointed ambassador of Bawumia 2024




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